Rigoldi vs Eloyan: Live Stream, Start Time, Fight Card & TV Info


On Saturday, 6th August Luca Rigoldi and Geram Eloyan boxing fight will takes place at Dueville, Italy and with the title of the European Union of super-Portugal weights at stake.

Following his victory over Hugo Legros last February, Venetian boxer Luca Rigoldi will make the first defense of the aforementioned title defense in the main event.

He is opposed by Belgian-born Armenian Geram Iloan, whose career record is 8-3-0 and who has made himself known nationally for his knockout punches.

The match will be accompanied by another five undercard matches.

Luca Rigoldi vs Geram Eloyan: card, time, and streaming of the event

The Boxing Night at the Palasport di Dueville, Italy will see its second half broadcast live on Rai Sport.

Below is the event card.

Roberto Lizzi vs Nikola Spasojevic

Francesco Barotti vs Spartak Schengelia

Davide Tassi vs Bogdan Draskovic

Gianluca Picardi vs Maichol Escobar

Yassine Hermi vs Nikola Matic

European Union Supergallo Weight Title: Luca Rigoldi vs Geram Eloyan

The broadcast will start at 21:10 with the main event, followed by Picardi-Escobar at 22:15 and by Hermi vs Matic at 22:45.


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